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& Splendore mica! Dads Grads Misfit 25% Off Sale

Dads & Grads Misfit Shine Sale

For FatherXCHARXs Day and Graduation season, Misfit has a special gift bundle available. From now until June 21st, you can get 25% off the Misfit Shine Activity Tracker plus your choice of a premium Pebbled Leather or Metal Mesh band.

Shine Colors Available:

Grey, Jet Black, Champagne, Sea Glass, Topaz, Storm, Coral, Red, & Win

Illumina Dads & Grads Misfit

Bands Available:

Black Metal Mesh Band, Silver Metal Mesh Band, Black Pebbled Leather Band, & the Tan Pebbled Leather Band

With this Dads & Grads Misfit Shine 25% Off Sale, you pay only $112 compared to the normal price of $149. As an added bonus, you also receive FREE Shipping!

Click Below for more details on this Dads & Grads Misfit Shine 25% Off Sale

This Misfit Shine Sale is Valid til 6/21/15

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